Monday, April 5, 2010

A couple older, a couple newer and abandoned

"Larry Fucking Bird and Who?" 8x12"
Digital printout with screen. I think this was oct. 07. The Who here, with the horns, is Red Auerbach, the famous Celtics coach and later president, one year after he died. I think the picture was after they won the championship in 1986. 

"These are my Shoes I took off my Feet First"
Bitmap of a drawing, screenprinted and hand colored. I think from Nov of 07. I think the shoes are about the actual size. Not sure how big that makes this print.

Proof stage of a Ben Franklin woodcut. Somebody told me he made some prints in his time too. Not sure where any of the finished ones are. From October of 08.

I never tilted this one. It was my first monoprint, from last fall, I think September of 09. I did a series of drawings dealing with people with halo's drinking beer, this guy turned out good in that series, I liked the graphic look of it so I tried to reproduce it in print form twice, none ever worked so good. I think this is 16x16". I started a woodcut and disliked how sick he looked in my proofs so I moved on to another project. I might clean his face up sometime though. From September of 09:

That's an ugly thing. He needs some work. I think he's 12x12". On the same block I did a 4x6" little scene study thing to try out some sky texturing. Also from September of 09:

Throughout the fall I was working on a lithograph on a metal plate I had big plans for. I was going to transfer it to block of wood and start mixing things but it never happened. The only other time I made a lithograph I messed up the acid and printing process so much I think I got one almost clear print and the rest turned into completely black pieces of paper. Lots of horrible things ended up happening to this plate and I abandoned it somewhere in the fall to start on the Taco Bell print. Never titled it or finished it, but I have a few proofs before it went wrong left.

And the plate, after I messed something up

And finally my Christmas card from last year. I've been making our families christmas cards since I was a kid, all drawings that we copied at Kinkos, but last year I decided why not make a little woodcut. I did about 50 before the semester ended and had to do the rest at home, which was my first time using a spoon instead of a press to print. I'm pretty bad with spoons. I think it's 3x5"