Monday, April 5, 2010

A couple older, a couple newer and abandoned

"Larry Fucking Bird and Who?" 8x12"
Digital printout with screen. I think this was oct. 07. The Who here, with the horns, is Red Auerbach, the famous Celtics coach and later president, one year after he died. I think the picture was after they won the championship in 1986. 

"These are my Shoes I took off my Feet First"
Bitmap of a drawing, screenprinted and hand colored. I think from Nov of 07. I think the shoes are about the actual size. Not sure how big that makes this print.

Proof stage of a Ben Franklin woodcut. Somebody told me he made some prints in his time too. Not sure where any of the finished ones are. From October of 08.

I never tilted this one. It was my first monoprint, from last fall, I think September of 09. I did a series of drawings dealing with people with halo's drinking beer, this guy turned out good in that series, I liked the graphic look of it so I tried to reproduce it in print form twice, none ever worked so good. I think this is 16x16". I started a woodcut and disliked how sick he looked in my proofs so I moved on to another project. I might clean his face up sometime though. From September of 09:

That's an ugly thing. He needs some work. I think he's 12x12". On the same block I did a 4x6" little scene study thing to try out some sky texturing. Also from September of 09:

Throughout the fall I was working on a lithograph on a metal plate I had big plans for. I was going to transfer it to block of wood and start mixing things but it never happened. The only other time I made a lithograph I messed up the acid and printing process so much I think I got one almost clear print and the rest turned into completely black pieces of paper. Lots of horrible things ended up happening to this plate and I abandoned it somewhere in the fall to start on the Taco Bell print. Never titled it or finished it, but I have a few proofs before it went wrong left.

And the plate, after I messed something up

And finally my Christmas card from last year. I've been making our families christmas cards since I was a kid, all drawings that we copied at Kinkos, but last year I decided why not make a little woodcut. I did about 50 before the semester ended and had to do the rest at home, which was my first time using a spoon instead of a press to print. I'm pretty bad with spoons. I think it's 3x5"

Friday, March 5, 2010

Most of the prints I've made

here we go, start to present

"Desert Scene" - Intaglio - 6x9" Oct 07
First shot at anything printmaking

"This man is going to the Drugstore" - Bitmap image with screen
Nov 07

Didn't like the teacher who wanted us to use a lot of screen, instead of just one color. I gave her the old DuChamp explanation. Failed that class. I forgot all about this old one though.

 "Drugstore" detail

"This is a chair" - Woodcut - April 08
First shot at a woodcut - 10 minutes in, knew it was better than anything around. I love to carve.

"Lincoln" - Linocut, 9x12" May 08
He was a real good dude, considering his circumstances.


"Nighttime" - Color Wood cut - 4x9" Oct 08
Unhappy Results.

"Winter Scene" - Color Woodcut - 15x19" - Dec 08
First color woodcut I was happy with. Such a good feeling when the paper came off that key block.



"Behind Hiawatha" - Linocut - Oct 2009
Linolium! I like lots of lines, especially when the lines curve. Those are about the best kind. Linoum is good for this because it doesn't chip.



"Bracket Park - Dawn" Color Woodcut, 5x9" Nov 09
Park 3 blocks from my house. Grew up with it. Had some fun with this one

"Bracket Park - Nighttime"
Same key block used, Color done reductively

Same print, experimenting with colors, this one has a hand painted moon

"94 and Riverside", relief print on Masonite, 2x4' Dec 09

I drive this street to and from school a lot. You can't see it in the picture but the viewpoint is from the end of a bridge over a highway and just to the right is an exit, I saw this man a lot there last fall. Everything about him is from memory, the rest from standing and sketching. I haven't seen him there in a while though. One lesson learned though - 5$ sheet of 2x4' masonite is a good deal but not if you want to make a print with it. Tears like cardboard. It might have just been my tools though.
Here's a couple more views

The taco Bell on my block that Ive mostly grown up on closed down this fall. It made me sad.

"Taco Bell" Linolium key block, one color-reductive block, 8x12", Dec 09



"Orangey found the Catnip Again", Reduction woodcut, 8x12" Feb 10




He is pissed off already because 1) the material that makes his face up isn't dry and he doesn't like being wet and 2)that you would even think about looking at his catnip.

Thats about it since I started. I have one or two more I'll dig up, and if I use this blog as a way to show completed works, maybe I'll put up a few 2d non print related things. I just want to see my SA print I'm working on on this blog as soon as humanly possible. So I'm leaving for another all nighter at the studio now.